After the Heirlooms

Overtime, all families accumulate a wide variety of “stuff.” Some of our possessions become prized heirlooms of the next generation. But as you might expect, most of it ages and accumulates for decades, often taking up space in attics, basements, and sheds.

In time, aging parents often downsize to smaller apartments or senior facilities. There may be a death in the family, followed by a need to sell the home. The house cannot be sold as is, filled with the accumulated things of a lifetime.

That’s where Bert’s Hauling & Demolition comes in. Our employees are experienced at removing the unwanted contents of the home quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

We’re ready to help. Call us at 724-454-5369.

No Hazardous Waste Please!

We cannot haul medical/biological or ecological (paint, chemicals) waste.

Always respectful of your property and the materials we move. We reduce your stress and do the heavy lifting for you.

Estates Big and Small

We will be happy to clean out your estate! Whether it's an estate clean out in the city or a weekend haul away from a farm rural homestead, we have the right tools and we know how to make it easy for you.

We are committed to keeping landfills clear of items that could be loved by someone else. If your home has old furniture and gently used household items and you want them to be donated, just let us know. We’ll take care of the rest.