We Tear Down and Haul Away

When you hear the word demolition, the image of an explosive building collapse may come to mind. More often than not, the average residential and commercial tear down is simply completed with a heavy excavator and an experienced tear down crew.

Used at demolition sites all over the world, excavators are the workhorses of the construction industry. They are powerful and efficient and can be used to demolish everything from abandoned houses to multi-story buildings.

At Bert’s Hauling & Demolition, we handle destruction and removal for a wide variety of projects, including everything from building tear downs to swimming pool removal, shed dismantling, and land clearing. We assist developers with excavation at site developments, and we can remove deteriorated retaining walls.

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No Hazardous Waste Please

We cannot haul medical/biological or ecological (paint/chemicals) waste.

At Bert’s Hauling and Demolition, we can dismantle it, tear it down, and clear it away safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Working with Contractors

At Bert's Hauling and Demolition, we often work with contractors on light demolition and post-construction debris removal.  Often contractors find it more efficient to use our crew to demo "down to the studs," freeing the construction crew to work on another job. We can also add value by cleaning up and removing post-construction debris.

We are committed to completing your tear down safely and completely, then hauling away the debris to leave behind a clean and safe site.